Improving Housing Units: Periférico-Hueso (Miquel Adrià & Iván Valero)

Year: 2014
Status: Under construction
Location: Mexico City

Within the program aimed to recover housing units, developed by INFONAVIT, we were commissioned to work on the set of Periférico Hueso. The unit is in good condition and there is great social cohesion to keep it neat, which is why we were committed to make a series of interventions in the external community space.

We focused on four areas of intervention spread throughout the unit, with four different approaches to develop.

The first seeks to transform the surface of the community tank into a public space big area, covering it and equipping it. 

The second approach is to adapt and expand the community events room and the administration office.

The third aims to turn an unused large green area into a fitness equipment trail combined with relaxation areas.

The final section seeks to optimize the pedestrian area incorporating high quality sidewalks.

High quality lighting, furniture and materials are incorporated to all four interventions, generating a positive renewal of the appearance of the unit.