Espacio Mahou

Year: 2015
Status: Competition
Location: Madrid, Spain

The proposal to design the new Mahou (beer brewing company) Space represents a unique opportunity for both the brand and the building selected to house it.

The starting goal is to revalue a historic building with a high heritage value by highlighting a contemporary and proactive view towards the newest trends on exhibition spaces, social communication and habitability. We try to reinvent its inner operating modes and to be able to experiment with different ways of experiencing the space, culture and the brand, while maintaining the essence of its urban context.

Far from just projecting a place for self-promotion of the brand, the project seeks to insert the building into the city as a cultural reference and recreational space, complementing and expanding the range of leisure and culture options the neighbourhood offers and sharing the values that Mahou represents.

Technology, history, leisure and beer are the tools that shape the architectural program proposed for this new space, that is enclosed on a historic square and opens to it, inviting passersby to be part of the experience.